Statement of Unity

This is the State of Our Union.

We, the women of the United States, are united. We have formed a union bound by courage, by strength and by our firm knowledge that we have the power to change the State of the Union - the union of these United States.

The Trump Administration and many of our elected officials are trying to divide us -- by race, by gender, by religion, by class, and by immigration status. They are also trying to divide us from our sisters around the world, who are also harmed by their policies. 

We, as women, see and experience the truth every single day and this is the state of our union.  

Despite women being more than 50% of our labor force and general population:

  • One out of every three women experience some form of sexual violence in her lifetime, most before the age of 18,
  • 2017 was the deadliest on record for Trans women, accounting for 80 percent of those murdered since 2013,
  • Our work and contributions are undervalued in this economy -- relative to each dollar earned by a man, Latina women earn only 54 cents; Native American women only 57 cents; Black women only 63 cents; moms only 71 cents; and white women as a group are earning only 75 cents to each dollar earned by white men. Women of all races represent two-thirds of all minimum wage workers. Men with disabilities earn 55% more than women with disabilities,
  • Disabled women face severe challenges in our economy and society -- locked out of many jobs, and faced with high rates of sexual assault -- 38%-68% of disabled women in developed nations like the US report being sexually abused before their 18th birthday,
  • Women, and especially women of color, are underrepresented in our political system. Only 20% of members of Congress are women, and of the 105 women serving only 38 are women of color,
  • Our newest Americans, two-thirds of whom are women and children, have had their lives and ability to be with their children and families put at risk by the racist policies of the Trump Administration,
  • Women are the fastest growing population in prison. Most are mothers, and 86% of women in prison are survivors of sexual violence who were themselves not violent or only violent in self-defense. 

And yet...

We, as women, are giving birth to a new union. A union of women from all regions, religions, communities and industries, of all races, ages, ethnicities, abilities, and income levels. One that is as diverse as our nation; and that carries the strength of the generations who have come before us, who raised us, and is fueled by the hope of those who will come after us. 

This is Our Union.

Millions of women across this nation -- and around the world -- drew together in response to the inauguration of one of those most divisive presidentswe have ever witnessed.  We have marched, we have organized, we have voted, and we continue to carry more than our share of the weight in defending this democracy.